Naturalist guides specializing in bird watching and photography

Daylight Nautical Safaris

Sighting yacarés, capybaras, swamp deer, many birds and most particularly, the water weeds, and all the exuberant vegetation of Iberá.

  •  Corrientes Stream
  • Miriñay River (Iberá Lagoon)


Horseback Riding

  • Through palm groves and along the coast of the estuary.
  • Antique horse-drawn carriage rides


Safaris with transportation to the marshes and flooded palm groves Rincón del Aguará and Camba Estuaries, to watch birds, landscapes and photography, ideal for birdwatchers and nature observers and photographers.

  •  By paths gallery forest.
  • By jungles, countryside and palm groves cross country.
  • By native espinillares forests.

Safaris nocturnes:

  •  Hiking through the jungle.
  • By truck.
  • Nautical.