The Iberá Wetlands or Iberá Provincial Nature Reserve (in Spanish, Esteros del Iberá, from Guaraní ý berá “bright water”) are a mix of swamps, bogs, stagnant lakes, lagoons, natural slough and courses of water in the center and center-north of the province of Corrientes, Argentina. The Esteros are the second-largest wetlands in world after Pantanal in Brazil. They are of pluvial origin, with a total area 15,000 to 20,000 km². Since 1982, the wetlands are part of a protected area (the Iberá Natural Reserve), which comprises 13,000 km² (14% of the surface area of Corrientes, the largest protected area in Argentina). Iberá is also one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in the continent. In 2002 an area of 245 km² has been listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar convention (Source Wikipedia)

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