About Us

Inambú Ranch is a country inn located in the Iberá estuaries, in Carlos Pellegrini colony, at the edge of Iberá lagoon. Is a place where you’ll find human warmth and can stay in a typical construction, a correntinian rancho made of baharenque, builded with ancient techniques, pure and noble materials, mud walls and thatchet roofs, galleries of tacuaruzu canes, logs of roman cassie and palms, with a mix of rural and rustic and refined interior designs, to connect with the countryside without leaving nowadays comforts. The Inn has comfortable places, spacious rooms, decorated with taste and sobriety, and also with a relaxed sense to make our guests feel at home, surrounded by pure nature, wildlife and lots of good native birds that delight us with their singing and colorful plumage. The inn is immersed in a beautiful and large landscaped garden unique in town, combining the wild of its native vegetation and a bright green soft lawn, where you can walk up barefoot and feel the nature in your skin, always caring for details and surrounded by unique flora, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets in every corner of the park in its chairs or hammocks on the edge of ponds full of fish, turtles and accompanied by thousands of birds that call “Inambú Ranch” it home, where they nest and raise their young pigeons, without any fear, because here we love and protect wildlife to contribute to a greener world. We achieve this in nine years of dedication, love and hard work, to provide a pleasant place for all your senses, convey to you peace and harmony during your stay just for a few days off from the big city, breathe the pure country air, see night skies full of immense stars and moons and fireflies twinkling. Fill up with magic, nature and tranquility, because the authentic still exists….. Inambú ranch country inn waits for you.