Spring / summer:


  •  clothes for heat and cold (warm by day, lower temperature at night in spring) in summer only light and comfortable clothes, light colors.
  •  windbreaker jacket, a fleece, socks, comfortable trousers and shirts of light colors for the day, hat, sunglasses. (spring)
  •  waterproof footwear, boots, trekking shoes, tall rubber boots, sandals (summer)

Fall / winter:


  •  Bring warm clothes, fleece, wind, water and humidity resistant jackets, windbreaker or rain coat, socks (several pairs), fleece hat or wool hat, scarf, gloves.
  • waterproof footwear, boots, trekking shoes (two or three pairs to exchange in case they get wet) and tall rubber boots.

Whole year:


  • sunscreen, insect repellent, lotion for stings, alcohol, drugs for personal use (in the village no pharmacy) in the town there is only a Zonal Hospital with basic medicines, ambulance and nurses service.
  • flashlights.
  •  Bring cash (Argentine pesos). In the village there are no banks or ATMs or exchange offices, do not work with credit cards or debit cards, cash only.
  •  If you travel by car, load a full tank of fuel in the city of Mercedes or in the city before Carlos Pellegrini Colony.
  • move slowly along Provincial Route 40, is made of gravel, you can travel in your private vehicles in any weather, is 120km from Mercedes to Carlos Pellegrini Colony, it takes about two hours. Move slowly there is much wildlife along the route they don’t move even by the sound of the horn.
  •  our tours are carried out in any weather, rain, cold, wind, heat, etc… And in schedules specified by the inn, which in our opinion are more suitable for the weather and time of your trip.
  • In the town there are cellular signal of the following companies: Claro and Personal. Low internet signal via 3G modem or smartphones.

At the inn we provide:


In each room:

  • Electric vaporizer for mosquito tablet
  • Mosquitoes screens on every window.
  • Two fans in every room in roof and floor. (Summer)
  • General air conditioner in the bedroom wing (hours of use stipulated only by the inn in summer)
  • caloventor and four blankets per bed. (fall / winter)

Other areas of the inn:

  • large structural swimming pool to cool up in summer.
  • exclusive towels for the swimming pool.
  • solarium, lounge chairs, armchairs, umbrella, table, exclusive of the swimming pool in summer.

Other comforts:

  • private dock to go by boat.
  • exclusive nature guides upon request.
  • Iberá’s bibliography in Spanish and English.